Corporate Profile

We have established our first manufacturing plant in Dongguan in 1988 and set up another subsidiary factory in Pengyue in 2000. The total area of the plants is about 28,000m2. We specialize in manufacturing high quality Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate (LECA) which is the crucial component of lightweight concrete.

We can produce the best lightweight precast concrete panel which possesses the property of 2 hours fire resistance and passes the Impact Test in accordance to BS5234-1990. In addition, we can assemble a very safe and rigid house less than 6 hours.
Moreover, our high strength LECA lightweight concrete possesses 60Mpa and is lighter than normal concrete about 30%. If the strength requires only 20MPa, almost 50% lighter than normal concrete can be achieved.

LECA is an excellent fire resistant material as a result of undergoing 1500oC manufacture process. Therefore it is a very good component of fire resistant brick. To enhance the versatility, a sandwich type fire resistant block developed in which a layer of gypsum plaster will be applied on the surface of the brick. After assembling the block wall, no extra cement sand plaster is required prior to carry out painting work. Hence, it will simplify the working procedure resulting in reducing the construction cost.

We also provide custom made services. For instance, our client requires some tiny aggregate, which is not available in the market, for spraying work. Thus, we modify our existing production line to manufacture these aggregates to meet the clients specification. With our technology and innovation, our client awarded the contract of spraying work for Hong Kong Disneyland eventually.

Our aim is to manufacture all size of LECA which is suitable for producing all related product. LECA is an environmental friendly product and is manufactured in accordance to BS3797-1990.