LECA means Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate which is produced by bloating clay with high temperature in a rotary kiln under temperature 1200~1500 degree C. LECA is round and extremely light in weight.

Its dense exterior shell and porous interior structure provides outstanding insulating properties. LECA aggregate is stable building material being inert to corrosion by acid, chemically neutral, not attacked by fungi, non-absorbent and frost resistant.



In case the site condition is not allowed for the placing ordinary concrete due to the limitation of the dead load on the existing structure. The Ready Mix Bag is suitable to recover the problem and guarantee the required strength. Easy to transport and hand mix on site with appropriate cement and water.
The weight of each bag is 25kg approximately. It is easy for delivery. Twenty numbers of bag can make one cubic meter of lightweight concrete. The lightest of lightweight concrete is 650kg per cubic meter, which is lighter than water. But the strength is up to 5MPa. The maximum of the strength can be up to 60MPa and the weight is about 1700kg per cubic meter. That will help you to solve the heavy dead load of the ordinary concrete and the problem of the allowable load of the existing structure. The weight of normal concrete is 2400 kg/m3.


LECA hollow block is one kind of hollow block make with lightweight aggregate. It provides high strength, low price and superior fire resistance and head insulation, weather and sound resistance and recycle material. The multi-cell designed block provides a new better wall material to the building and construction industry.

LECA gypsum hollow block is a sandwich type block with gypsum surface finish or waterproofing surface finishing coat for internal and external use respectively. Hence, it will not require extra layer of plaster at block wall construction. Just a thin coat is needed for painting. It is better than the precast drywall panel.



LECA ightweight grass paving block is make with LECA lightweight aggregate. That is suitable for slope protection due to dead load is very light on the slope for grass. It is stable and prevented the slope slide. It is formed the slot in the middle of the paving block.



Perlite is the natural volcanic glasses and is a dense glassy rock. When the crushed rock is flash-heated between 900~1200XC (point of fusion about 1800XC), the rock expands to form a light cellular material with the density ranged about 40kg/m3 to 300kg/m3. The expended perlite is found useful as an aggregate. The rock is crushed carefully to graded size and subjected to rapid heating in a special designed furnace which allow of close control of temperature and retention time. Due to the physical and chemical changes which create the expansion and the cellular form to give the lightness and the insulation value of this aggregate.



Vermiculite is a mica mineral and has a laminar structure. When heated the vermiculite may expand to about 15~25 times its original volume. The product formed has a golden luster and density of only few kilogram per cubic meter. It is a lightweighted sound resistance material and low thermal conductivity (normal about 0.0047~0.051Wm.K), lightweight and chemical stable. No toxic and good for constant temperature, resistance, sound aborbant and vibration resistance. Common suitable temperature is -30~1000J (The fusion point is about 1370J). It is non-inflamable and humidity absorption. Well for mill factory, power supply, petrol manufacture and building construction. It is also good conditioner for planting of the landscape works.



Due to the weather of south hemisphere is very high humidity and buildings in the region are mainly the reinforced concrete construction. The seepage of the external surface and the wet area surface is very common.

The normal oily waterproofing paint is not suitable applied to the wet area surface of the low level of the structural due to the surface still wet and not efficiency.



Maysfixer 2000 is kind of cement additive. It is a water type polymerides. Mix with cement can strengthen the concrete compression stress, durable, elastic and shear resistance. Reduce the void and good for water resistance. It is widely used for in-situ concreting, pre-cast units, pre-cast wall panel, lightweight concrete and water-resistance cement-sand plastering, etc.



Maystape is make with fabric glass and polyester resin. Suitable use in pre-cast concrete wall panel, gypsum block wall and fabric wall construction joints to replace the previous textile tapes. Also used to apply on the plaster repair. It is not affect due to the temperature changes.